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Hello! I loved your tileset and decided to use it in a jam game (with credit, of course)! It's here if you're curious:

Thanks! the game looks cool!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Good Night! Can I need to give credits to you? Can I modify the tiles to use it on a commercial game? I don't resell the assets, only modify then to use in my game. Thanks!

you don't need to give credits, if you don't want to. and yes, you can modify and use them in a comercial game

you don't need to add this but a death animation would be great

One problem with your water pipes when you rotate them can connect them together you will notice that some of the pipes have a water flowing the wrong way, but overall this is a great asset pack, there are rarely any tile sets on here that I don't have to modify in order to make autotiling in gamemaker studio work

Bro ! That looks incredible ! I'm using in my game right off the bat !

i wish i could support this but i am an 11 year old who is just starting game development  

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Here is a hastily thrown together game using your incredible art:

8 levels is all I can stomach to make at this point. The levels get larger and more complex. They could probably use a map but eh who needs maps when you have exploration?


Great job man, I´am developing my own game now, and your game bring to me a lot of ideias. Great job